The Method Tablemid

The Method Tablemind © is based on the foundations of early stimulation in accordance with the principles of cognitive development according to Piaget. Technological Board Tablemind ®, System chip exercises ©, © songs, stories ©, crowns and pieces of land, up the complete method.

As the technology board Tablemind ® the main element, the other elements and always in a playful way, make a number of very valid tools to stimulate motor sensory skills, socialization, expression, communication and language development.

At the same time, are learning in a natural and intuitive way the first concepts of a game like chess , which while fun, provides a significant cognitive benefit and personal growth. Thus, through movement and the senses (light, sound , touch), children learn to move through rows, columns and diagonals, to move like different pieces, to calculate how to achieve illuminated boxes being specific pieces to solve his first chess problems and so on.



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